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About The Ministry of Information (EKSG)

The Ministry of Information started off as a department under Bureau of Arts and Culture in the General Administration Department of the Governor’s Office at the inception of Ekiti State in 1996. It later evolved to become Ministry of Information, Youth, Sports and Culture shortly before the transition from Military to Civilian rule. At the commencement of civil rule in May, 1999, it became a directorate under the office of the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor/Head of information Directorate in 1999. It was however upgraded to a full-fledged Ministry in 2003 with the nomenclature ‘Ministry of Information, Youth, Sports and Social Development’.

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The Ministry had under gone several reforms, evolution and attendant change of name to be in tune with successive administrations policies including:

Ministry of Information and Civic Orientation.
Ministry of Information, Civic Orientation, Communications and Strategy.
Ministry of Information, Civic Orientation and Strategy.
Ministry of Information, Tourism and Values Orientation.
Ministry of Information and Values Orientation and now
Ministry of Information.

Vision Statement

To effectively capture, manage, preserve, store and disseminate information about the Ekiti State Government as well as obtain feedbacks that would guarantee availability of information to all stakeholders within and beyond Nigeria.

Our Mission

  • To methodically and proactively disseminate information on the policies, programmes and activities of the Ekiti State Government by a highly motivated, disciplined and ethical personnel for proper understanding of the needs of the people and Government’s designs to meet the said needs as appropriate.


  • Publicity and Mass Media
  • Public Relation of Government
  • Archives matters Publishing
  • and Advertising


The Ministry has five well-designed departments as follow:

Information Services
General Publications
Administration and Supply
Planning, Research and Statistics / Archives
Finance and Account


i. Publicity and Mass Media
ii. Public Relations for Government.
iii. Supervision of the State owned Broadcasting Service of Ekiti State.
iv. Supervision of Ekiti State Printing Press.
viii. Mobilization of the Populace

Agencies in the MDA

i. Ekiti Television Station, Ilokun, Ado Ekiti.
ii. Golden Voice of Ekiti, (Ekiti Radio) Ado Ekiti
iii. Government Printing Press, Ado Ekiti

"Catalyzing Connection, Empowering Voices: The Ministry of Information, where every pixel, every word, and every click weaves the tapestry of communication, bridging distances and fostering understanding in the digital symphony of shared knowledge."

INFORMATION SERVICES AND MEDIA RELATIONS The Department consists of three major units, namely:

Ministerial Responsibilities/Duties/roles

This Unit is in charge of sourcing news stories and the daily issuance of Press Releases that showcase activities of Government’s Ministries, Extra Ministerial Departments, and Parastatals etc. It also manages the activities of Information Officers and runs a press room which monitors various publications circulated or printed in the State, as well as other national, local or international media. The Unit, in addition, handles liaison with both public and private media, the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Media Council, Press Council, Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), and Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) etc.

 The Features Unit handles writing feature articles on all aspects of Government activities and getting such articles published in local, national and the international media. It produces draft speeches for the Ministry’s functionaries and the State Governor. Besides it keeps a data bank of all events and happenings in all arms of the State Government through monthly reports. The Unit also represents the Ministry in the implementation of UNICEF Projects in the State as it relates to Mass Communications and the media.

The Unit is responsible for the pictorial coverage of all State activities. It organizes photo exhibitions as occasion demands. Pictures on the daily activities of Government functionaries and events are produced by the unit for use in the media while albums of events are kept. The Unit also maintains a photo library and an archive of various official photographs.

 The unit is responsible for the production of documentaries for television broadcasting as well as Video coverage of events for news and other uses such as archives and researches. The unit also produces jingles, visuals etc for Public Service Announcements.

Provide Technical assistance for the Department.
Handling Live Streaming of Government’s events.
Creation of necessary Links and Blogs.
Timely and regular updating of Links and Blogs.
Review and Analyze Government’s web presence.
Managing online enquiries.
Monitoring and reporting of print media
Gathering/Managing information from MDAs
Design Content for each Social Media accounts
Storing/Archiving of information
Provide the graphic/info graphics needs of the Department
Design template for online survey. 

This unit designs posters and cover designs for the State publications. It also produces cover designs for the State Calendars, dairies and greeting cards for all festivals etc. as well as organizes Art exhibitions. It equally produces banners of all sizes for various State Government functions as well as commercial purposes.

This unit conducts research for publishing various publications on government programmes, projects and policies as well as branded materials such as gazette, calendars, diaries etc. The main focus of the unit is public enlightenment. The Unit also handles the distribution of the State Government’s annual calendar, diaries and address book.

(I) Administration and Supply

(II) Planning, Research and Statistics / Archives

(III) Finance and Account


 – Hon. Commissioner

– Permanent Secretary

 – Director, Information Services and Media Relations.

– Director, General Publications.

 – Director Administration and Supplies

– Director, Finance and Accounts.

 – Director, Planning, Research, Statistics and Archives


 – Commissioner 1999

– Head of Information Directorate 1999-2003

 – Commissioner 2003 – 2004

– Commissioner 2004 – 2005

 – Commissioner 2005 – 2007

– Commissioner 2007- 2009

– Special Adviser 2009

 – Commissioner 2009–2010

– Commissioner 2010–2011.

– Commissioner 2011-2012,

– Commissioner 2012–2014

– Commissioner 2014–2018

 – Commissioner 2018 – 2020

– Commissioner 2020–2022

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