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Ekiti Govt Orders Proper Physical Demarcation as Epe/Osan Land Dispute is Resolved

Ekiti State Deputy Governor, Chief (Mrs.) Monisade Afuye

The Ekiti State Government, has directed the office of the Surveyor General to commence the process of proper physical demarcation between Epe and Osan Ekiti, Moba Local Government area, as the towns deployed internal mechanisms to resolve their protracted land dispute.

The communities, had last year withdrawn their land case pending before the government and set up a Land Dispute Resolution Committee, headed by Prof. Ayan Adeleke and Prof. Wole Adebayo to spearhead a peace initiative, through which the matter was resolved amicably.

The Ekiti State Deputy Governor, Chief (Mrs) Monisade Afuye, who interfaced with the stakeholders in Ado Ekiti, praised the leadership of the communities for being magnanimous to shift grounds, leading to speedy resolution of the crisis.

In her accolades, Mrs Afuye, said the towns had been able to lay a strong precedent in boundary resolution process in the state, by their decision to settle the crisis using internal mechanism, rather than relying on government .

“Let me commend you for being magnanimous and large -hearted. All lands belong to God. I want other communities who are having similar crisis to emulate this extreme show of understanding between these two towns.

“I want the stakeholders to meet with the Surveyor General, who will lead other government’s experts to visit the site and do proper physical demarcation and this will be done soon.

“Let the love and unity you have exhibited over time continue to persist. You have nothing to gain in acrimony”.

As contained in the report of the committee presented by Prof Wole Adebayo, the two communities consented to put the boundary at River Alagada and River Ose after concessions were made from both sides

“We appeal to the government to come to the site promptly and do the physical demarcation that we have agreed on and this must be done in record time.

“There is no point fighting over land, we have always been good neighbours. Peace has begun to reign and we appreciate the government for giving us the opportunity to serve and proffer solution to this crisis”.

Aligning with the position canvassed in the report, the Elepe of Epe, Oba Atolagbe Olakanye and Olosan of Osan, Oba Tajudeen Jimoh, said the two communities, had agreed on a common boundary that can engender peaceful co-existence between them.

The monarchs commended Governor Biodun Oyebanji’s administration for being keen about peace and security in all towns, saying this accounted for why the land tussle was resolved amicably.

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